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Of late I have started to play a lot with selective coloring. Obviously the key is to do it right and the right photo. Now, which photo is right is a question to debate. In my opinion there is no right or wrong. Honestly, its an individual’s opinion. However, what it will do is to highlight that portion of the image which is in color against a black & white background.

However, I don’t tend to use selective coloring in every photo; but I do feel tempted to use it more than often.


do it…

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do it

I took this photo of water being sprinkled from a fountain pipe. I wasn’t happy with this work. However, upon converting it into monochrome, I quite liked what this turned into.

Many a times in life we want to do things, but for reasons known or unknown we don’t take that plunge. You don’t know what it could have had turned into. And some years down the line when it becomes a lost opportunity, some of us happen to regret it. Just like the water drops here trying to reach as high as it can irrespective of success or failure, if possible within your restrictions (if any) go and do it. Even if you fail, the good part is you tried. Don’t we keep taking photographs, until we get the result we want.

blurred lines…

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blurred lines

Sometimes I wish just like in a photograph where there is a very shallow depth of field, if I could do it in reality to the people I am surrounded with. No matter, how hard I try….I am far from success

the hard reality

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hard reality

Just like the corn in the feet in this picture, things are not always what it seems. We have to learn and embrace the way things are. The only thing one has a control over is Karma. Why do people feel obligated to connect socially? Why does one want to bond with you? Why do you expect people to respond you to your liking? Why does one question the belief of others? Why does one intrude someone’s personal space? Why cannot people just Live and let others live at peace as well. Did I say, “Silence is golden?”


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“Time and Tide waits for none”, once lost it will never come back until you have a Time Machine.
This proverb in my opinion holds true merit in all its worth. You cannot get back the lost time, its gone. There is no point in brooding over it. I guess we all wish if we could stop the time.

Time is indeed a thing of luxury. Its not the most prudent decision you will make to remain idle and expect things to change. Its up to you to take command of things, pull strings and make the most of the moment. Be it while photographing and you see the perfect light falling, taking a moment and making an effort to share your feelings with your someone special, holding hands and give one tight hug before it gets too late. Time wouldn’t wait but memories will be forever embedded in you

Light through the tunnel

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Light through the tunnel

I remember as a kid hearing from a lot of people that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.
Didn’t we love the very sight of the light at the end of the tunnel. Be it a Train passing through the tunnel, a car passing through the tunnel, or a quiet little walk through the tunnel feeling the echo of your voice as well. Buoy! how much I used to love those.
However, there is no doubt that one would see light at the end of tunnel. But don’t we forget to see the light passing through. Maybe we love the sight at the end of it. Nevertheless, I like the light passing through this frame.


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Quit smoking

Quit Smoking. Continue reading.

As a kid I was always fascinated by my friends/ peer group who used to smoke but I restrained to pick it up. People startting to smoke at an early age or at a later age, find it really difficult to quit smoking. I am sure even before they begin puffing, most of the folks know what they are getting into. Some just begin by trying for its sake and the next moment they are swept by its addiction.

Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.
Cigarette was not lit for the photo to be shot.