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Lalbagh flower show Aug 09 DSC_0308 as Smart Object-1 copy
Is this my avatar or am I hiding my Avatar???
It is not a prequel to the movie Avatar. 🙂
In today’s world how many avatar’s do we have or do we carry or do we live with….

There are so many platforms available today giving us the options to have different avatar. People start to live by their avatar and then slowly find it difficult to get foothold in the real world. I too have couple of avatars in the universe of world wide web. But at times I wonder, do I need one? I am who I am. Why do I need these many? What is the goal I am trying to achieve by so many avatars. Are we not committing long extra hours to our respective avatars? Does having multiple avatars help or makes our life complicated.

I don’t know if I am confused or I fear to have the answer. I too have multiple avatars and I am not very active in some of them. I created those just because the technology offered me the service and I am trying to maintain it because I feel to be part of it (dormant way)

so many questions… which avatar would I blossom???


what keeps you going…

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drunken morningExcess of anything is abuse of excess. Can we determine what is excess. People are like two sides of a coin. No two people can be same , neither could be their needs, taste, habits etc.

Many a people consume alcohol in a dignified way, but many a people consume it in an abusive way as well. Most of the people drink to get drunk for whatever reason they seem fit.

However, some population of the society derive strength from alcohol that they would need to keep them going throughout the day. I have come across or rather observed the daily wage labourers consuming alcohol in the beginning of the day. It really made me curious. One day I mustered the courage to ask one of the daily wage labourers. His response was very simple – It keeps us going. He went on with his work, but it made me put my thinking cap – what keeps one going….

Are you Nuts

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The three street which I follow viz. wall street, dalal street (wall street of India), and the photography street.
Many people jam me up looking for answers from these streets. And the most common and obvious one which rules the chart is wall street i.e., how to make money.

Only if money were to be made so easily. People just approach you asking for the stocks to buy without even knowing the trade which they are trying to get into. And if the same informed intelligent investor were to buy groceries, electronics, clothing etc. he would check all the available means and evaluate the best deal available. But when it come to buying stocks, they just turn a blind eye. I fail to understand their very smartness (or are they smart). These people like anyone else do all the background check and research before buying anything or even taking decision for that matter. But, if you fall into their request and name them a stock to buy; the next thing you’ll hear is that “I bought it”.

What surprises me all the more is after some/ many fool hardy decisions (they still remain the same species) their feeling of ruling the street.

If only money were to made so easily, would be on a looooooong holiday then.

colors of life

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We all love different colors and different colors in different forms, be it in print or electronic format or in our daily life.

As a kid, we (friends) used to ask each other about our favorite colors. And the response used to be so colorful. You name a color and it would be someone’s favorite.
When it used to be me on the spot to share my favorite color; I used to be the laughing stock among my friends.
The reason not being that Blue and Black are my favorite colors but the color Pink as well.

These discussions used to happen many years ago when Pink was more of a feminine color. It was not a guy think. But fashion has taken its steps by leaps and bounds. Today Pink remains the color of the season.
Despite Pink being one of my favorite colors I never had the confidence to wear a pink shirt while in school or even my under grad days. With times, even my confidence has changed.

One look at my wardrobe and you will have the answer. Of all the shirts I have a majority of them are either blue in color or in the shades of blue and then comes the color Pink. Even while I go shopping, its either of these two colors that I have to pick. If the shirt I am wearing does not have shades of blue or pink, it becomes the talk of the group that something is wrong with this crazy guy in not having worn (with) blue or pink.

I never realised this but some months back that my wardrobe has only blues and pinks and yes unfortunately no black. I don’t know. But I have never been able to muster the confidence to wear a black shirt not even in the Trial Room at the stores (i really long to wear one someday)

Does our mind/ tastes gets so arrested that we do not look beyond certain obvious. Or I think I shall see it during the Spring. 🙂