Sharpened Edges

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Sharpened Edges...

Broken things can be fixed or mended but will always leave their mark or scar.
Have you tried fixing broken pieces of glass. You can join the pieces, but the mark would be seen. Abroken heart – would leave it mark as well. No matter how effortlessly we say or think or behave, deep down in or hearts we know the truth.
And the truth is, the mark is there and I can’t change what has happened neither can I forget.



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I have never had a liking for fruit drinks until a friend urged me to try Snapple. I wansn’t too keen, but gave in to his request. But to my contentment, the vendor did not have Orange (I prefer Orange). I thought, isn’t it great that I would not have to try the fruit drink. But my friend urged me to try another flavor and that was Apple. Gosh, how much I hate Apple juices and now I had to drink all by myself.

Reluctantly, I opened the bottle and the first thing I noticed was the Real fact behind the cap. Reading that made me forget about the Apple flavor and then there I was finishing the drink.

Buoy, I have started to like it. But yes, if its not served chilled; its just a flovored water.
And yes, I have started to keep those caps with me after discarding the initial ones. How quickly our tastes changes, doesn’t it.


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The man whom the world admires. But there are many who don’t admire him. Not that I am bothered about it.

For me….well! i too admire him, for ther sheer fact that he is printed all over the Indian currency notes. The other man whom I admire as well is Benjamin. I misplaced my Benjamins. Would look for it and try to post a picture of Benjamin as well.

Not in a mood to write something today. Have a good easter weekend.


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I haven’t been taking pictures lately. Hence using one of old pictures. Its there on my flickr page as well.

One name and yet so many names. One address yet so many addresses. One persona yet so many personas. Wow! You must be wondering what is this one to many… Its not any marketing offer. Let me walk you through.
My first brush with the world of internet was in the year 2000, just a decade ago. And the first site I had used was YAHOO. I had created my first address (email) at Yahoo which I never remembered the day after. Would you forget your physical address? But it is so easy to forget the path to our virtual domains. How many times have we used “Forgot Password” help? After that my next pit stop was Hotmail, and then the slowly the world of www started to unfold at my fingertips. I then realized and understood what people mean when they say, “Information is at your fingertips”. Then came a point in time I guess I had more number of email addresses than my age. Isn’t that great to have so many existences. Slowly the load started showing on me and I realized one to many does not work and now am content managing my email address with 3 major services.
Then there came Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, email alerts, SMS alerts. Auh buoy! I want to runaway from the world of www. I need to have an address at all these worlds to show my existence and yet I do not want to manage them, I guess that explains the fact that why my room is always in a mess.

Yes, the world is indeed a small place and everything is just a Click away.
By the way, what about Search engines…

Demanding phase

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Is life a bed of roses? Even if it were to be, there are thorns. The last few weeks I have been manoevuring so as not to set my foot on the thorns. Stupid of me to forget that pitfalls are always there.
Wouldn’t it have been great without the thorns. But then, I guess; we wouldn’t be strong to stand our ground then.

The picture here resembles what my life had been over the last few long weeks with extra long weekdays and ultra short weekends. And then I realised, after Tuesdays’ even the calendar says WTF. Don’t jump to conclusions, do we not know its Wed, Thu, and Fri 🙂

But the bright sunny morning was not far away. I used to feel that I am in a dilapidated state. Thank Havens! I can see the sky lighting up with the vibrant morning colors. And its just a matter of few more days, I guess I would start to feel the warmth and softness of the petals.

Throughout this period there was only one thought in my mind: When the going gets tough, the Tough gets going.


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How important is vision to us. I cannot foresee life without vision. Well! i am referring to eyesight. My eyesight is not good. Sometime during my high school days my vision went bad and I had to turn to spectacles. Right from day 1 my mind has not accepted this change.

I remember as a failure to accept this change, during one of our classes at school I argued with my professor that the marker which he is using on the white board is out of ink and he should be using a new one. In reality my eyeballs were out of ink. This prompted me to go for an eye checkup in 1999 and since then it has been a part of me.

Even after 10 years I still fail to accept the change. dunno why….
Many a times i have hurt myself trying to splash water on my face with my glasses on. Its such a high maintenance thing.
Life is all about change. But I guess there are somethings in life which we do not want to change. To me this is one of it.


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lock away your blues

I am just wondering why do people stalk be it in the real life or in the virtual world.
I had thought I have deleted all dead contacts, am far away from people with whom I no longer want to be with, etc….etc.

I guess its easier said than done. Getting away from people from real life is so very easy than in the virtual world. And more the avataar’s you have the more the people stalk you everywhere. I just fail to understand WHY? I know for the matter of fact that I am not gonna talk to the people concerned, I have no interest in their life; why just they don’t let you live in peace.

To also quote an incident – I have deleted many a contacts from my flickr ID; some of them dead contact and some of them added through local photowalks. I had deleted this guy from my flickr ID. He then somehow managed to find me at facebook (though we do not have any common friends). As a matter of fact, I sent him a request through facebook to which I am yet to receive a response. Gosh! I have to clean my contacts in facebook as well.

All this while I was only reading that hollwood stars being stalked; have I also become a hollywood star. haha
When people can break relationships through virtual world, deleting/ blocking these stalkers should not be a big task but a relief.