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Quit smoking

Quit Smoking. Continue reading.

As a kid I was always fascinated by my friends/ peer group who used to smoke but I restrained to pick it up. People startting to smoke at an early age or at a later age, find it really difficult to quit smoking. I am sure even before they begin puffing, most of the folks know what they are getting into. Some just begin by trying for its sake and the next moment they are swept by its addiction.

Quit smoking. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health.
Cigarette was not lit for the photo to be shot.


Sharpened Edges

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Sharpened Edges...

Broken things can be fixed or mended but will always leave their mark or scar.
Have you tried fixing broken pieces of glass. You can join the pieces, but the mark would be seen. Abroken heart – would leave it mark as well. No matter how effortlessly we say or think or behave, deep down in or hearts we know the truth.
And the truth is, the mark is there and I can’t change what has happened neither can I forget.


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I have never had a liking for fruit drinks until a friend urged me to try Snapple. I wansn’t too keen, but gave in to his request. But to my contentment, the vendor did not have Orange (I prefer Orange). I thought, isn’t it great that I would not have to try the fruit drink. But my friend urged me to try another flavor and that was Apple. Gosh, how much I hate Apple juices and now I had to drink all by myself.

Reluctantly, I opened the bottle and the first thing I noticed was the Real fact behind the cap. Reading that made me forget about the Apple flavor and then there I was finishing the drink.

Buoy, I have started to like it. But yes, if its not served chilled; its just a flovored water.
And yes, I have started to keep those caps with me after discarding the initial ones. How quickly our tastes changes, doesn’t it.


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The man whom the world admires. But there are many who don’t admire him. Not that I am bothered about it.

For me….well! i too admire him, for ther sheer fact that he is printed all over the Indian currency notes. The other man whom I admire as well is Benjamin. I misplaced my Benjamins. Would look for it and try to post a picture of Benjamin as well.

Not in a mood to write something today. Have a good easter weekend.