I have never had a liking for fruit drinks until a friend urged me to try Snapple. I wansn’t too keen, but gave in to his request. But to my contentment, the vendor did not have Orange (I prefer Orange). I thought, isn’t it great that I would not have to try the fruit drink. But my friend urged me to try another flavor and that was Apple. Gosh, how much I hate Apple juices and now I had to drink all by myself.

Reluctantly, I opened the bottle and the first thing I noticed was the Real fact behind the cap. Reading that made me forget about the Apple flavor and then there I was finishing the drink.

Buoy, I have started to like it. But yes, if its not served chilled; its just a flovored water.
And yes, I have started to keep those caps with me after discarding the initial ones. How quickly our tastes changes, doesn’t it.


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