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Unlock to Success or Failure

Posted in photography on July 26, 2009 by reflectionsofmind

Key to sucess or failure
Guys, I thought the best way to get started blogging is to share a very important chapter of my life with you all.

What does success or failure mean to us?
To what extent can we go/ are willing to go to be successful?
Being at the top of the ladder in a Corporate Rat Race is successful?
Do we turn back and look at those who didn’t make it?
Do we count anyone’s sacrifices? (Gosh! give me a break. There aren’t any sacrifices in the corporate world)
Is pursuing your Dream a Success or Failure?

Ok, am gonna stop this list here. Else, the blog will be only of questions and nothing else.

It was the year 2006. I had a good career, yes a Career and not just a job. But, (how much I hate the word BUT) I had a dream as well. Dream to start my entrepreneurial venture. That would have had meant risking my career. Most of the folks long to have a career and here I was thinking of risking my career (and had risked it as well).

For the large part of 2006, I was in a conundrum, trying to evaluate two different sides of a coin.
My heart said to kick start my venture and my brain said to remain in the corporate world and see the career grow. And later there would be all the time in the world to pursue the Dream.

But the young and restless soul of mine was just like a fish taken out of water, really struggling to find my share of the ocean. Everyone thought that I am the biggest fool I were to take the step of pursuing my dream. Fortunately, I had the moral support of my family which gave me the strength I needed.

And yes, I finally made an emotional way out of the company and chartered into an unknown territory with the limited $$s I was able to cough up.

And to cut a long story short, after about 9-10months of good and struggling days I returned back to the corporate world.

I am not sure with a failed entrepreneurial venture, do I call it a success or a failure or just a phase in my life.

However, does success or failure matter to this an extent? Is life all about success or failure? Do we evaluate everything on success or failure? I don’t know whether this part of life was a success or a failure, but yes I know when some “x” years down the line when I look back I would not have any regrets. I am content that I made an attempt, an honest attempt. I can look into the mirror eye to eye while I shave.

Why is that everything needs to be measured in terms of success or failure?