I haven’t been taking pictures lately. Hence using one of old pictures. Its there on my flickr page as well.

One name and yet so many names. One address yet so many addresses. One persona yet so many personas. Wow! You must be wondering what is this one to many… Its not any marketing offer. Let me walk you through.
My first brush with the world of internet was in the year 2000, just a decade ago. And the first site I had used was YAHOO. I had created my first address (email) at Yahoo which I never remembered the day after. Would you forget your physical address? But it is so easy to forget the path to our virtual domains. How many times have we used “Forgot Password” help? After that my next pit stop was Hotmail, and then the slowly the world of www started to unfold at my fingertips. I then realized and understood what people mean when they say, “Information is at your fingertips”. Then came a point in time I guess I had more number of email addresses than my age. Isn’t that great to have so many existences. Slowly the load started showing on me and I realized one to many does not work and now am content managing my email address with 3 major services.
Then there came Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, email alerts, SMS alerts. Auh buoy! I want to runaway from the world of www. I need to have an address at all these worlds to show my existence and yet I do not want to manage them, I guess that explains the fact that why my room is always in a mess.

Yes, the world is indeed a small place and everything is just a Click away.
By the way, what about Search engines…


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