Demanding phase

Is life a bed of roses? Even if it were to be, there are thorns. The last few weeks I have been manoevuring so as not to set my foot on the thorns. Stupid of me to forget that pitfalls are always there.
Wouldn’t it have been great without the thorns. But then, I guess; we wouldn’t be strong to stand our ground then.

The picture here resembles what my life had been over the last few long weeks with extra long weekdays and ultra short weekends. And then I realised, after Tuesdays’ even the calendar says WTF. Don’t jump to conclusions, do we not know its Wed, Thu, and Fri 🙂

But the bright sunny morning was not far away. I used to feel that I am in a dilapidated state. Thank Havens! I can see the sky lighting up with the vibrant morning colors. And its just a matter of few more days, I guess I would start to feel the warmth and softness of the petals.

Throughout this period there was only one thought in my mind: When the going gets tough, the Tough gets going.


2 Responses to “Demanding phase”

  1. lucydphotography Says:

    Beautiful color and dof, Prashant. Looks like you’ve been really busy these days. Had to laugh at your WTF comment.

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