lock away your blues

I am just wondering why do people stalk be it in the real life or in the virtual world.
I had thought I have deleted all dead contacts, am far away from people with whom I no longer want to be with, etc….etc.

I guess its easier said than done. Getting away from people from real life is so very easy than in the virtual world. And more the avataar’s you have the more the people stalk you everywhere. I just fail to understand WHY? I know for the matter of fact that I am not gonna talk to the people concerned, I have no interest in their life; why just they don’t let you live in peace.

To also quote an incident – I have deleted many a contacts from my flickr ID; some of them dead contact and some of them added through local photowalks. I had deleted this guy from my flickr ID. He then somehow managed to find me at facebook (though we do not have any common friends). As a matter of fact, I sent him a request through facebook to which I am yet to receive a response. Gosh! I have to clean my contacts in facebook as well.

All this while I was only reading that hollwood stars being stalked; have I also become a hollywood star. haha
When people can break relationships through virtual world, deleting/ blocking these stalkers should not be a big task but a relief.


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