Lalbagh flower show Aug 09 DSC_0308 as Smart Object-1 copy
Is this my avatar or am I hiding my Avatar???
It is not a prequel to the movie Avatar. 🙂
In today’s world how many avatar’s do we have or do we carry or do we live with….

There are so many platforms available today giving us the options to have different avatar. People start to live by their avatar and then slowly find it difficult to get foothold in the real world. I too have couple of avatars in the universe of world wide web. But at times I wonder, do I need one? I am who I am. Why do I need these many? What is the goal I am trying to achieve by so many avatars. Are we not committing long extra hours to our respective avatars? Does having multiple avatars help or makes our life complicated.

I don’t know if I am confused or I fear to have the answer. I too have multiple avatars and I am not very active in some of them. I created those just because the technology offered me the service and I am trying to maintain it because I feel to be part of it (dormant way)

so many questions…..in which avatar would I blossom???


2 Responses to “Avatar”

  1. sheilaparas Says:

    I don’t really know the answer to that one. I like being able to express myself in so many different ways, so I suppose you can choose one where you can be yourself more.

    • reflectionsofmind Says:

      agree to your thoughts Sheila. but at times, i just feel that i am to little slow to keep up pace with the virtual world avatar’s. 🙂

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