what keeps you going…

drunken morningExcess of anything is abuse of excess. Can we determine what is excess. People are like two sides of a coin. No two people can be same , neither could be their needs, taste, habits etc.

Many a people consume alcohol in a dignified way, but many a people consume it in an abusive way as well. Most of the people drink to get drunk for whatever reason they seem fit.

However, some population of the society derive strength from alcohol that they would need to keep them going throughout the day. I have come across or rather observed the daily wage labourers consuming alcohol in the beginning of the day. It really made me curious. One day I mustered the courage to ask one of the daily wage labourers. His response was very simple – It keeps us going. He went on with his work, but it made me put my thinking cap – what keeps one going….


3 Responses to “what keeps you going…”

  1. sheilaparas Says:

    love is what keeps me going… love for and from my family, love for everything i see, love for life, and so on… corny but true.

  2. lucydphotography Says:

    Can’t get a better answer than that. Great answer, Sheila, and I agree wholeheartedly!

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