Are you Nuts

The three street which I follow viz. wall street, dalal street (wall street of India), and the photography street.
Many people jam me up looking for answers from these streets. And the most common and obvious one which rules the chart is wall street i.e., how to make money.

Only if money were to be made so easily. People just approach you asking for the stocks to buy without even knowing the trade which they are trying to get into. And if the same informed intelligent investor were to buy groceries, electronics, clothing etc. he would check all the available means and evaluate the best deal available. But when it come to buying stocks, they just turn a blind eye. I fail to understand their very smartness (or are they smart). These people like anyone else do all the background check and research before buying anything or even taking decision for that matter. But, if you fall into their request and name them a stock to buy; the next thing you’ll hear is that “I bought it”.

What surprises me all the more is after some/ many fool hardy decisions (they still remain the same species) their feeling of ruling the street.

If only money were to made so easily, would be on a looooooong holiday then.


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