colors of life

We all love different colors and different colors in different forms, be it in print or electronic format or in our daily life.

As a kid, we (friends) used to ask each other about our favorite colors. And the response used to be so colorful. You name a color and it would be someone’s favorite.
When it used to be me on the spot to share my favorite color; I used to be the laughing stock among my friends.
The reason not being that Blue and Black are my favorite colors but the color Pink as well.

These discussions used to happen many years ago when Pink was more of a feminine color. It was not a guy think. But fashion has taken its steps by leaps and bounds. Today Pink remains the color of the season.
Despite Pink being one of my favorite colors I never had the confidence to wear a pink shirt while in school or even my under grad days. With times, even my confidence has changed.

One look at my wardrobe and you will have the answer. Of all the shirts I have a majority of them are either blue in color or in the shades of blue and then comes the color Pink. Even while I go shopping, its either of these two colors that I have to pick. If the shirt I am wearing does not have shades of blue or pink, it becomes the talk of the group that something is wrong with this crazy guy in not having worn (with) blue or pink.

I never realised this but some months back that my wardrobe has only blues and pinks and yes unfortunately no black. I don’t know. But I have never been able to muster the confidence to wear a black shirt not even in the Trial Room at the stores (i really long to wear one someday)

Does our mind/ tastes gets so arrested that we do not look beyond certain obvious. Or I think I shall see it during the Spring. 🙂


One Response to “colors of life”

  1. sheilaparas Says:

    I love it when my husband wears pink. I think it takes a certain kind of man to pull it off. But black is a staple in our wardrobe, too, especially mine because it’s slimming. 🙂

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